Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Wales in Europe

I came across a fantastic Blog yesterday, the owner of which is a very friendly Welshman called Jeff Rees. He asks questions about his own country in a similar way that I question life in Wales. He is concerned about Wales's international reputation.

He compares Wales with other countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Ireland and pinpoints out what is lacking in Wales. Latvia & Wales for example are difficult to compare. Even Latvia was a communist country, it is now a much more advanced country than Wales!!
I think a big problem in Wales are the people who are responsible (government, cultural institutions - they want to play safe only for themselves!! I have learnt this now) and also how the administration is done.

Please read Jeff Rees's Blog. It gives you much better figures and infos about the current state of Wales.

So long as I am here - not much longer I shall enjoy the beauty of the mountains and Aberdyfi beach!! Too much commitment does not help & I much prefer a nice summer in Barcelona or Stockholm than a summer with nasty people, expensive way of life and low standards in Wales!!

MAE HI MOR DDRWG GYDA FI! Welsh for: I am so sorry!!

Photo of me in Tallinn - I much prefer it to CARDIFF!!!

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Rhys Wynne said...

Cytuno bod safonnau (bwyd, trafniadiaeth ac yn y blaen....) yn isel iawn yng Nghymru i'w cymharu a gwledydd eraill, ac eto rydym yn talu trwy ein trwynau amdano. Mae'n embaras mawr i mi.