Sunday, 6 May 2007

Fat not fit

Unfortunately Nordic Walking is not well-known in Wales yet. For the BBC website I just wrote an article about it yesterday. People in Wales (I was the same for a while) from what I experienced are very unfit, too fat ;) and do not do enough sports. Nordic Walking is easy to learn. There are a few instructors in South Wales mainly. There are huge health benefits related to Nordic Walking. People in Wales - you can do Nordic Walking in your stunning landscape!
Shall I really bother? My plan was to ask the Assembly and do something like that in mid-Wales - but a friend has just put me off. This is as it is!!! I am not motivated anymore. Karen Owen from the Barefoot Studio in Cowbridge was very co-operative but how do I find the time, money to do all this? I feel I am always on my own there. I wanted to discuss this with a local doctor who is interested.

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