Thursday, 29 March 2007

My old job

I really celebrate the end of ANW in the National Library of Wales a year ago!! Martin Locock - the boss was a weak team leader. He was only interested in the work but not in the people who did most of the work. The Archives Network Wales website contains standardised descriptions of the extent, type and scope of collections of documents held by Record Offices, universities and other bodies in Wales. It also provides links to further information and access details for the repositories. It is an index to sources rather than a source itself. I enjoyed the project itself - and fair play, an old collegue Seri Crawley still keeps in touch. Rhys M. Jones and Richard Burman - all different characters - were okay. After my operation the boss would not even help me with my office equipment - and I was not supposed to carry anything heavy.


Anonymous said...

Opening of a photographic exhibition about Wales in Tallinn. All the best to Mark Robert Davey!!!

Anonymous said...

The National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth is 100 years old; but it’s a constant source of irritation that the Library is in so remote a position. OK, I know that the placing of a major academic institution as a major adjunct to a fairly remote university gives the whole area a cachet which can only encourage future development, not only of the institution but also of the area in which it is sited.

I also know that the unique holdings of the National Library will make it an essential port of call for some academics wherever it is. But the ‘casual’ non-specific academics of Swansea, Newport and Cardiff are never going to traipse up to Aber rather going to the British Library – the vast majority of the people of Wales are denied the use of their own library because of a political decision of social engineering.

From: A fairly recently retired Head of English in a Cardiff Secondary School, having just made the journey from Wales to Catalonia and now looking forward to establishing himself in his new country (and finding a home for his many books!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Netty! I do not like that librarian either - Andrew Green....

Anonymous said...

Hi Netty, you might be interested in reading this:
The National Library of Wales Appreciation Society
Just for Fun - Totally Pointless
For all of those who like to spend long days in this glorious place.....eating expensive food in the Pendinas Restaurant, ordering pointless books you have no intention of reading for a laugh, hiding your mobile from the security guards, looking out the windows and up at the ceiling, sleeping off a hangover on the tables, staring at people who order huge books that are delivered to them on trolleys and wondering what the hell they are actually doing?, going out of the reading room to check emails every 5 minutes, re-joining the library at the start of each year just so you can get some more free passport photos, getting in there at 4.30 (after having just woken up) and leaving at 5 feeling happy you've had a constructive days work...and many more!!!

"It's a magical place we're on our way there, it's called.....the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES!!